[l2h] problem with translating ps figures

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Jan 5 04:17:13 CET 2006

Hello Robert,

On 05/01/2006, at 5:39 AM, Robert P. Goldman wrote:

> I have been having some troubles translating postscript figures in
> latex2html.  I am getting simple gray boxes as output.

Have you looked at the  images.log  file?
Are there messages in there that would indicate an error in the
LaTeX job that generates the images?

> But what's
> most frustrating is that I can actually translate the figures by hand,
> into perfectly acceptable gifs using the following snippet:
> gs -q -DNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=ppmraw -r$R -sOutputFile='|pnmcrop|ppmtogif
> -interlace > $file.gif' -- $file
> Unfortunately, I don't see any obvious way to either fix what
> latex2html is doing, or to simply say "here are a bunch of figure
> files --- don't bother translating yourself, just use these."

If you already have .gif or .jpg or .png  images, then it's
easy enough to use "conditional" coding, with the  \htmladdimg
command giving links for the HTML files.

For example,

\htmladdimg[... options ...]{../figs/myimage.gif}

where the images are in a subfolder  figs/  of the working
directory. Note that LaTeX2HTML creates the HTML files within
a subfolder also, so you need to get the relative path correct.

> Can anyone help me with this?

Is the above what you are looking for?

Hope this helps,


> thanks,
> R
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