[l2h] Tilde problem

Bob van der Poel bvdp at uniserve.com
Mon Jan 2 19:51:09 CET 2006

Hi. I am using the url package and have some lines like:


Without looking at the source for url I am assuming that \path is a 
special form of verbatim ... whatever, this works fine for latex.

But, when I use latex2html the ~ disappears. In the manual for 
latex2html it does state that you need to use ~{}, but that inserts a 
visable {} in the latex output; and in latex2html both the ~ and the {} 

Hmm, looking further I see that I already changed the def of \path for 
latex2html to:


So, that is wrong ... I'm lost just now. Suggestions?

Oh, minor bug ... if one tries to make the html docs for latex2html the 
makefile will NOT create the needed 'manual' directory. Creating it by 
hand before invoking "make html" solves the problem.

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