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baptiste auguie bapt_4510 at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 11 09:55:48 CEST 2006


I'm a Mac user of RapidWeaver, a software that allows
for easy and almost WYSIWYG editing of websites. One
functionality I'm missing is the inclusion of
mathematical expressions, namely inline equations.

I thought latex2html is probably the most mature
solution for that purpose, among the free ones at

I've tried it a few times, it works well on my
machine. However, I'm looking for some advice
concerning customisation:

- I usually want to publish only a few lines, not a
complete LateX document. It would be very handy to
have a trick that allows for the translation of a
small bit of TeX, without any preamble, ... into HTML
and pictures (like Equation service produces a PDF
image out of a bit of TeX code)

- When including the pictures and pasting the HTML in
the web-design software, I ave to change all the links
to the pictures, since they are not at the root but
ina subdirectory called "pageassets". Is there an
option to have the output folder specified in
latex2html? That would save me this annoying editing
of all the links to the pictures.

Many thanks in advance for any



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