[l2h] Strange latex2html and bibtex interaction

Jan Tobias Muehlberg muehlber at fh-brandenburg.de
Fri Sep 9 16:33:59 CEST 2005


I'm having a problem with latex2html while parsing bibtex entries
containint \input{} commands. For example I'm using the
following entry to get around the string length limitations of
bibtex -- bib/weber-success_of_os_annoted.tex only contains a really
long annotation.

| @book{weber:success_of_os,
|  AUTHOR       = {Weber, Steven},
|  Title        = {{The Success of Open Source}},
|  Publisher    = {Harvard University Press},
|  Address      = {Cambridge},
|  Year         = {2004},
|  ANNOTE       = {
|                  \input{bib/weber-success_of_os_annoted}
|                 }}

This works pretty nice with latex but latex2html renders a big
picture containing the text from bib/weber-success_of_os_annoted.tex.

Any ideas how to get this work?

J. Tobias

"The GNU philosophy is about freedom. To be free one must have
personal power. Personal power is an individual thing, difficult to
obtain and quick to perish."                   -- Krisno Pryosusilo
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