[l2h] cropping problems

Tribulations Parallèles paratribulations at free.fr
Mon Oct 31 21:18:09 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

I'm new to the list.
I use Linux Mandriva 10.2LE. And I use LyX for typesetting ;-)
When using latex2hmtl with LyX, *sometimes* I obtain black bars at the bottom 
of my equations (display or inline).
So I have searched for a solution. I found:


But it is rather old, and it did not work in my case.
By looking deeper into the problem, I saw that it is not really a black bar, 
but a black bar, with under this black bar, another bar, this one beeing 
white (or transparent if I set $TRANSPARENT FIGURES).
So, I have found a (dirty) workaround. I have replaced in pstoimg the line:

$cmd .= "| $PNMCROP $croparg";


$cmd .= "| $PNMCROP $croparg | $PNMCROP | $PNMCROP -black | $PNMCROP";

And it works... Ok, it is dirty, but I have not really the time and the 
motivation (and even the skills?) to examine further the problem ;-)
This workaround allows to reduce the height of my equation images to the 
minimum (before, there were a small blank at the top and the bottom, that 
made the space between text lines increase), so for me it is perfect.

Another problem I had with latex2html is the size of the equation images. Here 
is my ~/.latex2html-init:

$IMAGE_TYPE = 'gif';

The important parameters are the 4 latest. This combination works well for me, 
but I would really love to obtain equation images of better quality, even if 
it leads to greater file sizes. I would appreciate any tips concerning that!

Thanks in advance,


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