[l2h] Fails to number figures: bogus "arguments too complex" erro r.

John Blackburn John.Blackburn at npl.co.uk
Tue Oct 18 16:15:23 CEST 2005

I am having problems compiling a LaTeX document to HTML. It works fine except that some of the figures are not numbered (they are referenced by number in the text but figure caption just says Figure: blah..). The output contains many errors like:

,Arguments to leftmargin are too complex ...
It will not be processed unless used in another environment

and then many instances of

No number for "Thefourpossibleconstitutiveequationforms.Innon-linearsystems,them

I don't understand the problem as I am not using the \leftmargin command. I don't even know what it does!

Also, it says

Unknown commands: z_at_ p_at_

I am not using these commands, I don't know what they are!

My .tex file is vanilla LaTeX, the preamble is




\renewcommand{\vec}[1]{\mbox{\boldmath $#1$}}

\newcommand{\f}[1]{Figure \ref{#1}}
\newcommand{\dd}[2]{\left(\frac{\d #1}{\d #2}\right)}
\newcommand{\ddd}[3]{\left(\frac{\d #1}{\d #2}\right)_{#3}}
\newcommand{\rms}{{\footnotesize rms}~}
\newcommand{\peak}{{\footnotesize peak}~}

\title{Non linear piezoelectric resonance}
\author{John Blackburn}


This aim of this document is to compare three non-linear piezoelectric
test methods: constant voltage, constant current and burst mode ...

Typical figure

  \caption{Experimental setup for constant voltage. OSC output is in
  range 5mV\rms-1.1V\rms. The amplifier magnifies voltage up to
  $100\times$. The input to port A is voltage over piezoelectric
  divided by 10,000 to keep it low enough. The current detectors
  create 1V per 1A.}

and it is referenced by

... as shown in \f{contv}.

I would appreciate any help!!

John Blackburn

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