[l2h] latex2html's difficulty with subequations

Thomas Bewley bewley at ucsd.edu
Fri Oct 14 14:52:34 CEST 2005

Hi all -

I'm attempting to compile a math (actually, numerical methods) book I  
am currently
writing using latex2html.  A recent draft is available here:
The latex code makes extensive use of amsmath features.
By reading the various discussion threads, I've sorted out many of  
the common snags on my own.
However, a couple of pesky problems remain.  One of the most  
difficult is getting the subequations
environement working correctly - the best I am able to do so far is  
illustrated, e.g., in the
bottom half of section 1.9 of the above link.  Note that the entire  
subequations section
is made into a single image, which is not what I would like, and in  
addition the numbering
is off - all I want to do is to change the equation numbers to, e.g.,  
1.6a, 1.6b, and 1.6c
in this segment of the text.   Similar needs come up repeatedly  
throughout the document.

In fact, the standard subequations environment appears totally muffed  
up under latex2html
[at least in my implementation, which is Version 2002-2-1 (1.70)  
obtained via fink and
running on a mac], so I have implemented a more streamlined  
subequations environment
which I downloaded from the web, and which I renamed to subeqnA.sty  
(and the
environment so defined to subeqnA) just to be darn sure I know which
subequations macro I am calling.  This .sty file is quite simple:


\edef\@savedequation{\the\c at equation}%
\@stequation=\expandafter{\theequation}%   %only want \theequation
\edef\@savedtheequation{\the\@stequation}% %expanded once


I don't understand how to get subequations working correctly in  
latex2html, or why a single
image is formed by latex2html when this simpler subeqnA environment  
is invoked.  Any
help that you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hoping you can help   ;)

- Tom

ps - Latex2html is a true gem, thanks immensely to all of you  
(especially Ross) for your continued
work in support of it.  Let me echo the sentiments of Julius Smith  
expressed several years ago
on this forum:
      "Latex2html is so improbable, that if it did not exist, the
      possibility would not be worth discussing."

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