[l2h] correction concerning cropping problems

Tribulations Parallèles paratribulations at free.fr
Wed Nov 2 16:53:24 CET 2005

On Wednesday 02 November 2005 00:02, you wrote:

Thanks a lot Ross for your answer, and also to Shigeharu, because his solution 
works very well: I no more obtain black bars.
By setting $DVIPSOPT = ' -E'; in my ~/.latex2html-init file, it short-circuits 
the default value for this variable, that is: $DVIPSOPT = ' -Ppdf  -E'; . So, 
it was really -Ppdf option that caused the problem.

> Are you using anti-aliased scalable fonts ?
> This should give good results.
> If you are stuck with bitmaps, then the quality is not so good.
> Please post a link to a page that shows the poor quality
> that you are getting. If you can make the  images.log  file
> available too, then that can help in diagnosing the problem.

Perhaps there is no problem, but I may be too demanding... In fact, when using 
inline equations with fractions and indices (or exposants), the indices are 
not easily readable. But I realized that it was the case on many pages using 
latex2html. Can you confirm that when typesetting such equations, the display 
mode is mandatory for readability?

Thanks a lot,


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