[l2h] feature proposal: styles directory

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at freesurf.fr
Mon May 30 11:29:10 CEST 2005

Peter FELECAN <pfelecan at freesurf.fr> writes:

> I'm writing a LaTeX class, c.cls, used in a document which is converted
> to HTML with latex2html. To support my new class in the conversion, I
> need to write a style file c.perl which implements the specifics of my
> class.
> Latex2html is packaged for my system and installed as root.
> The c.perl file need to be installed in the $LATEX2HTMLSTYLES
> directory, which, on my system, is
> /opt/csw/share/lib/latex2html/styles and it's owned by root, i.e a
> normal user doesn't have the right to write in it.
> As a normal user, I don't have the rights to install this file in the
> required directory.
> The class file can be accessed by latex by exporting the TEXINPUTS
> environment variable, with a value of ~/lib/classes:
> I propose to implement a feature which gives the same capability for
> the styles, by adding to the list of directories searched for styles
> the value of the variable LATEX2HTMLSTYLES defined in the program's
> environment.
> This can be done in the l2conf.pm (l2conf.pim) file using the
> following construct:
> # This is used to "autoload" perl code to deal with specific style files
> #
> }
> Semantically, this has the same effect as the TEXINPUTS usage for
> tex/latex.
> If currently there is another way to have this functionality, let me
> know; after copiously reading the documentation, I didn't found one...

Not having comments on this I would like to know:

1. Is this a desired / interesting feature to have? --- commentary
   from the maintainers could be interesting.

2. Is there an address, bug report or feature collection tool for
   latex2html where patches can be sent?


mailto:pfelecan at freesurf.fr

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