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Ingrid Falk ingrid.falk at loria.fr
Fri Jul 15 10:07:30 CEST 2005

>>>>> "Erling" == Erling D Andersen <e.d.andersen at mosek.com> writes:

    Erling> Hi I am interested in getting a MATHML generation into
    Erling> latex2html.  Is that a bad idea? Is anybody else
    Erling> interested in that?

I'm interested too. I'm working for a (free) online math journal and we would
like to be able to provide the papers not only in pdf, ps (generated
from latex) but also in mathml.

I've seen some postings on this list to this subject some time ago (in
fact this is why I joined the list),
and I think there already has been some work in that direction but
nothing seems to happen right now. But I think it is a really good
idea and for our journal it would be the right way to go.


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