[l2h] [Fwd: Bug#132451: latex2html: -depth 24 breaks pstoimg [patch]]

Roland Stigge stigge at antcom.de
Wed Jul 13 08:37:46 CEST 2005

Hi Ross,

thanks for your comment!

Ross Moore wrote:
>> I'm attaching a mail that I got regarding a bug report I previously  
>> forwarded to this forum. It includes two possible solutions to the  
>> problem. To be consistent with the original latex2html, which one  
>> will be included in the latex2html codebase?
> The file to examine in the source distribution is:  pstoimg.pin
> which should be at version:  1.19 .
> [...]
> The source bundle to obtain is:
>     http://www.latex2html.org/current/latex2html-2002-2-1.tar.gz
> dated  25-Oct-2004 .

I'm talking about latex2html-2002-2-1.tar.gz that I integrated into 
Debian already on 16 Oct 2003 and that contains version 1.16 of pstoimg.pin.

If you are providing new versions of the tar.gz file, _please_ follow 
the very common convention to update the filename. For many archiving 
systems (like in Debian) it's not intended to update files without 
updating the filename (not to mention the confusion that occurs if you 
are talking about a particular file whose content changes).

Besides, a new release (GPL'ed as discussed) would be fine, anyway. :-)



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