[l2h] gray background for some images

Stefan Funck funck at ivi.fhg.de
Mon Jan 17 15:48:07 CET 2005

Hello Jean-Pierre,

> $E_{\textrm{Bayes}}$ gives the correct result, and *is* the current correct syntax to get
> roman fonts in math.

'\textrm' didn't change the behaviour.

> On Netscape 4.8/Solaris, png transparency is not available, 
> so the result may depend upon the browser.
> It is good to know also that a bug (IMHO, and ond Ros Moore's also,
> but seemingly NOT on the developers') in Mozilla/Firefox turns into a failure
> to align inline equations, which are correctly seen
> in IE and Konqueror, and others I guess.

It is definitely not a browser issue, the png-files themselves are not 
transparent (using ImageMagicks display), although image info says it should.
Also, IE and Firefox on Windows give identical results.

As an alternative I tried to disable transparency, but setting
in the .latex2html-init file just gives me

"./.latex2html-init did not return a true value at /usr/bin/latex2html line 183"

Omitting the line keeps transparency switched on.

As a second alternative, I tried to generate gif instead of png. Unfortunately 
pstoimg does not support gif. Is there a way to configure pstoimg so that it 
would support gif?

Many thanks again!


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