[l2h] gray background for some images

Stefan Funck funck at ivi.fhg.de
Fri Jan 14 10:07:11 CET 2005


I know this issue has been discussed several times already, still I didn't find 
a solution for my specific problem in the mailing list archive.

I'm using LaTeX2HTML Version 2K.1beta (1.48) on Debian and SuSE 9.0.

I have a large document, where some (only some, not all) of the math equations 
come out with a gray instead of transparent background and most of the figure 
environments produce gray background, some with a black line on the LHS. Also, 
background gray level may vary for different figures. Altering the 'white' and 
'transparent' switches does not solve the problem.

The problem is hard to pin down, since the results vary from system to system, 
also seem to depend on various parameters and the document context. When I tried 
to extract a small example I found that math equations coming out with gray 
background in my original document may (or may not) work fine in another.

Here is a simple example (test.tex):


\usepackage{amsmath}        %%% for \text in first equation







Doing 'latex2html test' on Debian with '.latex2html-init' being

$HTML_VERSION = "4.0";

results in the first formula coming out with gray bg, the picture and second 
formula with transparent bg. Doing it again with the second line in 
'.latex2html-init' commented out gives me the picture with gray bg and both 
formulas being with transparent bg.
Doing the same on SuSE 9.0 gives me for both cases the picture and first formula 
with gray bg and the second formula with transparent bg.

What is going on? Can anyone explain?
I'd be very grateful for any help, thank you!


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