[l2h] LyX to WWW toolchain suggestions?

Paul L Daniels pldaniels at pldaniels.com
Tue Aug 30 04:52:32 CEST 2005

Hello all, first time here. 

I'm currently using LyX to write a medium size build manual for model aircraft, this includes numerous JPEG images
which are currently included using \includegraphics{}.

Everything works 'delightfully' when I go from LyX->PDF, so this email isn't about that.

Where my problems come is when I go LyX -> LaTeX and then pipe that through to L2H.   The images are progressive PNG's
with a limited colour selection, clearly PNG isn't suited for my situation where I'm using JPEG images.

What I thought I might be able to do is to get l2h to reference the image files as a link, since I can upload all the
required images with the html files ... I tried the following

latex2html -html_version 4.0 -split 2 -local_icons -show_section_numbers  -external_images -ps_images qf2bm-001.tex

This generates output like ...


Where's I'd rather something like   


from which I could just clean up with sed or other such.

Other than the images, L2H is fantastic, great work.

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