[l2h] png creation

Martin Matusiak alex at juventuz.net
Wed Apr 27 01:09:04 CEST 2005

I have a document with .eps figured and I'm using lyx as my editor. So when I 
compile the documents into pdf, lyx exports to .tex, epstopdf converts 
all .eps images to .pdf and finally pdflatex generates the end product pdf 

Now, when I want an html version, I need a .png image. I can run epstopdf and 
then use convert (from imagemagick) to generate a .png file from the 

But with latex2html, the conversion from .eps to .png is done implicitly and 
the output .png file is of very meagre quality (gray background among other 
things) compared to the one I get using convert manually. So I'm wondering 
how I can influence the process of generating the .png image within 


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