[l2h] vert appearing in index

Nik Cain nik.cain at neuf.fr
Wed Apr 13 20:35:50 CEST 2005


Every entry in my index is appearing with /vert after it. If you do a 
google search on

latex2html index vert

then you'll see a whole bunch examples of other people getting it too 
(why bother with google, just go here; 
http://helix.nih.gov/docs/online/latex2html/node12.html  ;-)  ), but I 
couldn't find anyone giving a solution to it.

I started to get all pot-luck hacky and commented out this line in 

line 10220:  $file =~ s/(\G|[^q])\|/$1\\vert/sg; (in the 
save_array_in_file sub)

which stopped it appearing, but this is probably totally the wrong thing 
to do of course. Possibly it's more likely to be in makeidx.perl maybe?

However, I'm clueless at perl. Has anyone else fixed this, or am I doing 
something else wrong that's causing it?

I'm using latex2html on windows - I have version 2002-2-1 which I 
presume to be the latest, and latex was downloaded using miktex which 
says I'm up to date on everything.


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