[l2h] Workarounds for two bugs (equations with white margins, and more)

Daniel Clemente n142857 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 19:31:03 CEST 2005

   Hi, and sorry for the lateness.

> > different rule for each image (tagged with ID), which requires
> > updating the CSS on each run ....

> I'm currently working on generating the CSS rules much later,
> using (unique) IDs that LaTeX2HTML maintains internally anyway.
> This meshes with the image-caching strategy, and doesn't make
> any significant effect to the time taken by LaTeX2HTML
> to process the document.

   This seems a good solution, with no problems. It seems a bit bulky,
but grouping the  images of the same height and position  under the
same CSS rule would shorten the code.
   It can be something like:
#img23, #img12, #img40, #img31
 { vertical-align: -17px !important ;  }
#img33 { vertical-align: -18px !important ;  }
#img35 { vertical-align: -28px !important ;  }

   instead of
IMG[ID="img23"]		{ vertical-align: -17px !important ;  }
IMG[ID="img12"]		{ vertical-align: -17px !important ;  }
IMG[ID="img33"]		{ vertical-align: -18px !important ;  }
IMG[ID="img40"]		{ vertical-align: -17px !important ;  }
IMG[ID="img35"]		{ vertical-align: -28px !important ;  }
IMG[ID="img31"]		{ vertical-align: -17px !important ;  }

   You could also set height and width of each image under the CSS
file to simplify HTML.

> <TABLE> tagging.
> Cells containing numbering (i), (ii), ... are not aligned correctly
> with the mathematics in adjoining cells --- e.g., the fractions.

   The problems appear when mixing text and images. If the numbering
(i), (ii), ... were also images they would align the same way. But
adding text creates the same problems as with inline math.
   Maybe inside tables there exist CSS properties which are useful,
but this can be hard to analyze, as most browsers have problems with
   Also, I currently don't have much free time; I might look into this
later (I still have the section in my web, as a remainder).

> It's the case of having text in one cell and images in adjacent cell(s)
> that I'm worried about.
> It should be possible to get the baselines to align, with a resulting
> appearance of alignment, just as in the case of inline-math.
> If you could do some experimentation, by editing the CSS and/or
> the HTML source, to find out how to achieve the desired alignment,
> then I'd be glad to program it into LaTeX2HTML.

   Having only text in one cell and only images on the other is hard
to align. Possible solutions:
   - render the bits of text as images, and have only images.
   - append a &nbsp; after each image, so all cells contain text and
images mixed. This reduces the problem to the one with inline math.
   - or somehow say to the browser that it should treat all cells as
if they contained text.
   - study the HTML and CSS specifications for tables and alignments,
and also the browsers implementation...
   - and more.
> There needs to be a 2005 release, in which many changes will be
> included, arising from bug reports over the past couple of years.

  That's great; we will be waiting for it.

   Daniel Clemente Laboreo

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