[l2h] feature proposal: styles directory

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at freesurf.fr
Sat Apr 9 18:17:17 CEST 2005

I'm writing a LaTeX class, c.cls, used in a document which is converted
to HTML with latex2html. To support my new class in the conversion, I
need to write a style file c.perl which implements the specifics of my

Latex2html is packaged for my system and installed as root.

The c.perl file need to be installed in the $LATEX2HTMLSTYLES
directory, which, on my system, is
/opt/csw/share/lib/latex2html/styles and it's owned by root, i.e a
normal user doesn't have the right to write in it.

As a normal user, I don't have the rights to install this file in the
required directory.

The class file can be accessed by latex by exporting the TEXINPUTS
environment variable, with a value of ~/lib/classes:

I propose to implement a feature which gives the same capability for
the styles, by adding to the list of directories searched for styles
the value of the variable LATEX2HTMLSTYLES defined in the program's

This can be done in the l2conf.pm (l2conf.pim) file using the
following construct:

# This is used to "autoload" perl code to deal with specific style files

Semantically, this has the same effect as the TEXINPUTS usage for

If currently there is another way to have this functionality, let me
know; after copiously reading the documentation, I didn't found one...


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