[l2h] Windows graphicx issue

#GAO YANDONG# gaoyandong at pmail.ntu.edu.sg
Tue Sep 21 10:54:46 CEST 2004

I met the same problem when I used Latex2Html in Win xp.
Any solution now?
As far as I know, the original latex2html (eg Version 2002-2- 1 
(1.70)) should be compatible with MikTeX and I have followed the 
instructions given on a dedicated web page for installing all 
So I should not need Texlive.
This graphicx problem happens even if I have defined the environment 
variable for latex2html (LATEX2HTMLDIR=F:\L2H). 
Best regards,
On 21 Jun 2003 at 22:30, Fabrice Popineau wrote:
> > Hi, I am back to the joys of l2h under windows (XP personal) after
> > having used it with success under Linux. I have installed some of
> > the latest versions of L2H (latex2html-2K.1-win32.zip,
> > latex2html-2002-2- win32.zip - by F Popineau and
> > latex2html-2002-2-1.tar.gz from the website) and I have the
> > following problem with all of them:
> > When I convert a test document with one eps files included through
> > the graphicx package and one pstricks figure, I get in the beginning
> > of the process (using, for example,This is LaTeX2HTML Version
> > 2002-2- 1 (1.70)) :
> > Warning: No implementation found for package: pstricks.  Warning: No
> > implementation found for package: graphicx.
> > and at the end of the process:
> > *********** WARNINGS *********** No implementation found for style
> > `pstricks' ppmquant is not available; need LaTeX for some image
> > effects No implementation found for style `graphicx'
> > and no figure is visible in the generated html document.
> > I have searched the mailing list and studied the l2h documentation
> > and have not been able to locate a solution for this problem.
> > Any idea?
> First of all, you need to install this package on top of texlive or
> fptex. The you need to recreate the ls-R database by running
> 'mktexlsr' either from the 'TeXLive' menu or from the command line.
> If all these conditions are met, please let me know and I'll try to
> help.
> Fabrice
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