[l2h] headings problem

Henry Meyerding hwm at goomba.com
Wed Nov 24 06:16:33 CET 2004

I am using \usepackage{fancyhdr} and have headers like:

\fancyfoot[RE,LO]{{\it Book Title}}

This works well in LaTex, however, it is not working well in latex2html.
I have a main document and include each section. I reset the headers
values in each section. This works in the html output more or less, but
then, although nothing I can find changes, the HTML version starts
repeating things like "[RE,LO]{Author}" in the text.  Approximately a
third of the html output looks ok and a third is partially ruined and
the last third has this stuff at the top and bottom of every html page.

I'd like to use fancyhdr but not if it's going to make the HTML version
go to pieces.

Any suggestions cheerfully accepted

Henry Meyerding
hwm at goomba.com

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