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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Mon May 24 00:39:18 CEST 2004

Hello Andrea,

On 24/05/2004, at 1:47 AM, Andrea Benazzo wrote:

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> Hi everyone, I am using latex2html since last week, and I've just 
> figured out
> this bad thing:
> whenever I need to use the "" simbols in LaTeX, I use the combination 
> of
> ``text'', so that in the PDF the result is "text".
> while I translate the tex file with latex2html, in the resulting html 
> files, I
> get back ``text''.
> this is not a good thing, n I noticed that even on the documentantion 
> online
> there's the same problem.

  Some browsers show this combination nicely --- unfortunately, not all 
do so.

Have you tried setting the variable:
within the  .latex2html-init  file ?

Be warned that not all browsers may show the resulting special entities 
  --- that's why this isn't the default.

> I've already looked at the config file, but I did not manage to find 
> something
> useful for this.

Try something like:

    grep QUOTE `which latex2html`

to see the names of possible relevant variables.

> somebody already solved it?

> 2° thing: in my LaTeX files, I often use ArabTeX so that I may write 
> even into
> Arabic with no real problem. unfortunately every non-standard package 
> is
> ignored by latex2html. Is there a way to force it to use that package 
> with
> all the related fonts, counting also the fact that Arabic words are 
> written
> from right to left?

LaTeX2HTML is *not* based on a TeX engine, so using there's no way to
make those packages work. The logic needs to be recoded using Perl.

Have you tried using the Omega variant of TeX ?
That should give you HTML with Unicode.

> Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> Andrea
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