[l2h] newbie, problem with \url + lyx

Frank Altpeter frank at altpeter.de
Mon Mar 22 14:42:39 CET 2004


Sorry to disturb you with this again, but i found this in the l2h web
archive and have a question for this:

You wrote on Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:58:44 +1100 (EST):

> There is no name clash in LaTeX, because e.g.
> \begin_inset LatexCommand \htmlurl[LyX]{http://www.lyx.org/}
> \end_inset 
> is translated as:
> \IfFileExists{url.sty}{\usepackage{url}}
>                       {\newcommand{\url}{\texttt}}
> in the preamble (to cope with (La)TeX installation not knowing about
> url.sty),
> and:
> LyX \url{http://www.lyx.org/} 
> in the LaTeX code.

Well, i'm just about having the same problem. I use LyX-1.3.4 and
latex2html-2002.2.1_2 here, and want to define URLs in a lyx file to
convert into html.

I find the above translated line in the tex file, but it seems that
latex2html doesn't know about \IfFileExists{} and so doesn't load
the url.sty and therefore the URLs are not generated.

If i export the LyX file into LaTeX and try to convert the LaTeX
file into html, i get the following eror:

Unknown commands: IfFileExists

If i remove the if routine and put a plain \usepackage{url} into it,
the error sounds like this:

No implementation found for style `url'

though the url.sty is present (comes with latex2html in texinputs

Do you have any idea where the problem might be?

With kind regards,

	Frank Altpeter

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