[l2h] Can I use latex2html with cyrillic documents? If can, how?

Ilya Porublyov ilya at cdu.edu.ua
Fri Jan 23 20:06:22 CET 2004

Where and how can I find patches allowing using of latex2html with cyrillic 

As I understood, this converter does not understand packages like-as 
\usepackage[cp1251]{inputenc}, \usepackage[T2A]{fontenc} and so on;

Even when I tried to use latex2html for convert main containment of 
document, and then patch received html manually (for example, change 
<charset=...>), it was not a success also. Because latex2html spoiled some 
letters, for example it changed \cyro (ext-ASCII code in cp1251 is 0xEE=238 
dec) to "^" (same symbol as used for degree), and so on.

If there are any ready and free patches (additional packages) for 
latex2html which can solve this problem, pleeeeeaaaaaaaase send me such 

Ilya Porublyov

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