[l2h] GIF images get grey background when translated from transparent EPS images

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Jan 8 01:26:07 CET 2004

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Peter Morling wrote:

> Hi,
> is there a way to avoid subj. e.g. change this default grey background to
> white ?

This can be done in various ways, within the Perl scripts, or with
configuration variables. But the simplest conceptually is from within the
LaTeX document itself; just do:

(in the preamble, of course)

But then the reason for having a *transparent* gray background is
defeated. This affects the anti-aliasing of font characters in
images, resulting in darker sharper edges.

Apart from this subtle effect, the background should not be
needed, since it ought to be made to be transparent anyway.
Providing the correct transparency color (85% gray) is identified,
your (GIF) images should be fine on the web-pages.
However, if transparency is not working (perhaps for some images
but not all), or if you have turned it off, then setting the
background color explicitly within your LaTeX source is best.

With the new JPEG option, where transparency is not supported,
the default gray backgrounds are replaced by white.

> I'm interested a L2H setting instead of modifying the image manually using
> an image-editor.

It may be that some of the netpbm software has changed.
Please do the following (with a document that is giving
you some trouble):

  1.  identify bad images with gray backgrounds; e.g. img10.gif
      delete these from your document's directory.
      Also delete corresponding  .old files  (e.g. img10.old )
      if these exist in the same directory.

  2.  remake the document, using:   latex2html -debug .....
      You should get *much* more information onscreen as the
      missing images are remade.

  3.  send me the screen output with these messages.
      It would be nice to know also the version of  netpbm
      utilities that you are using;  e.g.  ppmtogif -version

Do this first with the default gray backgrounds, then do it
again with \pagecolor{white}. For your own benefit, note any

Hope this helps,


> Best,
> Peter
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