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Jens Lehmann jens.lehmann at goldmail.de
Fri Jan 2 12:15:18 CET 2004

Ross Moore wrote:
> Hello Jens,
> On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Jens Lehmann wrote:
>>The next problem is that subsections (and below) have anchors which are
>>not safe for updates, for instance <A
>>NAME="SECTION000420000000000000000">. I would like to have the headings
> If the whole document is being updated, so will these names.
> So where is the problem ?

The document can be found here: 

Let's say in section 8 you add a new subsection "foo" at the beginning 
of the section. Then a link which used to point to "The Model" now 
points to "foo". This is what I want to avoid.

I assume (and this has proven to be true) that most users actually copy 
the link out of the table of contents or the listing of sub(sub)sections 
at the beginning of each page and paste it into forums. So, I'm not 
talking about links within the document, but links from outside to the 

> Are you recording some of these names as constants, then creating
> hyperlinks to them ?   That's not a recommended technique.
> Instead you should use LaTeX's symbolic \label--\ref mechanism,
> which assigns your own choice of name for anchor targets.
> Either syntax should work:
>    \subsection{... subsection name ...\label{..label...}}
>    \subsection{... subsection name ...}\label{..label...}
> creating an anchor that immediately precedes the subsection title,
> so that hyperlinks jump to the window location that has the title
> at the top.

Actually I can do this, but most users won't see this link, because they 
copy&paste the link from the TOC and the listing of sub(sub)sections at 
the beginning of each section. (I assume there is no magic involved and 
the links in the TOC stay the same like before if I use the technique 

>>of the subsections and subsubsections as anchor names. I'm aware that
>>this causes trouble if a heading appears more than once within one html
>>file, but this is not a problem in our case. It's important that the
>>mnemonic anchors are the ones which are actually used in the document
>>(for example in the table of contents). How can this be achieved?
> You will have to explain to me why this is necessary, for a single site.
> It sounds like you have a complicated site which is not always updated
> as a single unit, and want some parts to link into others.

I already tried to explain it above. Links within the document are not a 

I hope the problem is now clearer.


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