[l2h] problems installing latex2html on a win xp system, please help

Jorgen Johansson johansson_jorgen at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 14:48:19 CET 2004

I also had that problem, in my case line 1285 says:

the 'pnmfile.exe' did not exist in the 'netpbm'
directory, but a file called 'pnmfile' (without the
'.exe' extension) and I opened the 'pnmfile' and it
turned out to be a binary file (saying something about
this file can not be run under DOS mode) so I just
changed the name of the 'pnmfile' to 'pnmfile.exe' (in
the netpbm directory). I also found some more binary
files in the netpbm directory without the '.exe'
extension and I changed their names as well. 
Then the test.bat ran properly.

I think the missing extensions ought to be reported to
the maintainer of the Netpbm package.

(Remember to put your latex source files on the same
partition as the latex2html and ghostscript
installation, if not it will not work. Some problem
with ghostscript not finding the files) 



--- Christoph Jechlitschek <qwert at uwyo.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> i tried to install latex2html on a windows xp
> system. I downloaded the
> newest version of perl and netpbm,
> installed both in a directory whose path does not
> have blancs in it. then i
> edited the file prefs.pm (the only thing i changed
> was the path to where i
> want to install it (i used the \\ encoding for the \
> )). Then i called
> configure.bat and everything went fine. But when i
> call test.bat i get the
> following error message:
> "Global symbol "$PNMFILE" requires explicit package
> name at
> C:\latex2html-2002-2\pstoimg.bat line 1285."
> Does anyone know what i did wrong, or how to fix it?
> I spend the last two
> days, reading through guides, editing the scripts,
> trying different
> settings.
> I also installed it under linux, there it just works
> fine.
> Any help is appreciated.
> chris
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