[l2h] problems installing latex2html on a win xp system, please help

Christoph Jechlitschek qwert at uwyo.edu
Thu Feb 19 01:30:05 CET 2004

Hi all,
i tried to install latex2html on a windows xp system. I downloaded the
newest version of perl and netpbm,
installed both in a directory whose path does not have blancs in it. then i
edited the file prefs.pm (the only thing i changed was the path to where i
want to install it (i used the \\ encoding for the \ )). Then i called
configure.bat and everything went fine. But when i call test.bat i get the
following error message:

"Global symbol "$PNMFILE" requires explicit package name at
C:\latex2html-2002-2\pstoimg.bat line 1285."

Does anyone know what i did wrong, or how to fix it? I spend the last two
days, reading through guides, editing the scripts, trying different
I also installed it under linux, there it just works fine.
Any help is appreciated.


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