[l2h] Another pstricks question

Ross Moore ross at maths.mq.edu.au
Wed Dec 1 07:30:14 CET 2004

On 01/12/2004, at 12:38 PM, Mark Horner wrote:

> Hi Ross
> Thanks very much for the explanation and solution. I have tried a few  
> of them and things look fine.

That's good.

Try simply putting the following in the document preamble:


This obviates the need to explicitly put in the \framebox (or   
\colorbox{white}{....} )
around every {pspicture}.

The code rebinds \pspicture to first set the picture's contents within  
a temporary
box-register  (in fact within \box0 ) before putting a white rectangle  
under it,
via the   \colorbox{white}{\box0} .

It all happens inside a \begingroup .... \endgroup to preserve any  
contents of \box0 . So there may be problems with any \label, \index or  
commands within the {pspicture} creating flags to be accessed from  
outside it.
But that's a pretty rare thing, that probably doesn't work in  
LaTeX2HTML anyway.

Also, it only happens when using LaTeX2HTML via the  {imagesonly}   
construction, from the  {html}  package.

> I really appreciate the help as you've saved me a tremendous amount of  
> work :-D

This little hack may save you some more. :-)



> Thanks again,
> Mark

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