[l2h] mnemonic anchors

Jens Lehmann jens.lehmann at goldmail.de
Tue Sep 23 15:45:58 CEST 2003


currently I'm managing a document which is updated frequently. It is 
important that links to certain sections of the document stay valid 
after an update. I managed to get symbolic names for the html files 
(every section is an html file) by using $LONG_TITLES or writing a 
custom_title_hook function (both ways work).

The next problem is that subsections (and below) have anchors which are 
not safe for updates, for instance <A 
NAME="SECTION000420000000000000000">. I would like to have the headings 
of the subsections and subsubsections as anchor names. I'm aware that 
this causes trouble if a heading appears more than once within one html 
file, but this is not a problem in our case. It's important that the 
mnemonic anchors are the ones which are actually used in the document 
(for example in the table of contents). How can this be achieved?


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