[l2h] installation problem with latex2html-2002-2 more inform ation

Grindell, Joan M. GrindellJ at SEC.GOV
Tue Sep 2 09:08:57 CEST 2003

It turns out that once the make install completes,  i can then run make test
without errors--??


I was able to find that the problem is that p5475.pnm file is not available
the Converting step.

Does anyone know how this file gets created or why it didn't get created?


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Dear list members
	I'm working on a Sun v880 using os 2.8, I've downloaded all the
other packages needed by  latex2html.  I've run the latex2html configure
process and the make process without any problems.  I then tried the 'make
test' process.  This works fine except for the Mathematical formulas.

Toward the end of the make test output i get the following messages

Converting image #2
pstoimg: Error: "/usr/local/bin/ppmquant -floyd 256 < /tmp/l2h2412/p2428/pnm
| /usr/local/pbm/bin/pnmtopng -interlace -trans '#ffffff' > img2.png"
failed: Illegal seek.

i get a similar message for image #1.

if i display the htlm page after everything looks fine except there are not
formulas on the Math page.

I've run through this process a number of times and eventually got it
working.  I had to redo the whole process,  now i can't get by the error

any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

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