[l2h] different versions of the tex-file

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Fri Nov 21 20:39:07 CET 2003

Hello All,

my first email in this list :-)
Please excuse my english, I'm native german speaker

I have the problem, that I want to write a large document (> 300 pages) 
with pdflatex for different groups of users, say teachers, students, rest of 
the world

With the package comment no problem in pdflatex

\begin{teacher} .... \end{teacher}
\begin{student} .... \end{student}

But I need html-output too !!
The problem now is that latex2html doesn't work together with the 
package comment. When parsing the source, l2h produces for  this 
environments an image file, that has nothing to do with the original 

Has anybody had this problem too ? Can't believe that I'am the first one 

How can this problem be solved or workarounded ?
Thanks for every hint

Karl Steinam

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