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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Nov 2 02:48:18 CET 2003

Hello Peter,

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Peter Morling wrote:

> Hi,
> when l2h produces the table of contents its done with the HTML UL tags. That
> will produce a list as in the example shown in the following:
> ---example
> Table of Contents
>   a.. 1.1 What is Chemometrics?
>     a.. 1.1.1 Chemometrics: an example
>     b.. 1.1.2 Chemometrics data matrices
>     c.. 1.1.3 Calibration and test problems
> ---end example
> Is there a way to avoid the discs (bullets) in front of each line of the toc
> ?? I can think of one way: to post-process my html-document using a
> perl-script and modify the toc UL's using a CSS class. But is there a easier
> way?

That certainly should work.
It's easiest if you have  $USE_STYLES set (automatic with HTML 4.0 and
later, but this is not set with the standard default of HTML 3.2),
for the laTeX2HTML inserts the attribute:    CLASS="ChildLinks"
as has been mentioned already on this list.
Post-processing to search for this string and extend it:
 e.g. to   CLASS="ChildLinks" TYPE="square"
should be quite easy to do.
You could even add a line of Perl coding to an initialisation file,
defining:   sub post_post_process
to do a regular-expression search and replace.
This will then cause LaTeX2HTML to do the post-processing for you.

Alternatively, you could have LaTeX2HTML use a different set of
attributes from the outset. For this you will need to know that
the coding that controls this is within the subroutine:
within the main  latex2html  script.
You should be able to find the lines:

    $list_class = ' CLASS="ChildLinks"' if ($USING_STYLES);

    $startlist = "<UL$list_class>" unless $CHILD_NOLIST;

You could then simply alter the first line to read something like:
   $list_class = ' CLASS="ChildLinks" TYPE="square"';

If you do this, then you should copy the *entire* subroutine block
 sub add_real_child_links { ..... }
into an initialisation file and make the changes there.

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Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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