[l2h] Image galleries with latex2html

Olivier Glassey glassey at stanford.edu
Mon May 5 13:23:17 CEST 2003

Hi all,

We are using latex2html to maintain a regular website (not
technical documentation). We now want to add photo galleries
with thumbnail previews, and this should be done with l2h so
as to keep navigation and look uniform throughout the site.
Among the \section{}s of the source document, some will be
image galleries, in which case each \subsection{} will
contain a full-size picture and its caption. For each image,
a thumbnail will be generated. We now want this thumbnail to
appear in the table of child links of the parent \section{},
but not in the navigation panel (we have $MAX_LINK_DEPTH=1
and no \tableofcontents).

We are very open to any suggestion on how to implement image
galleries. So far, we were planning to add some marking to
the subsection commands, like

  \section{Photo gallery}

  \subsection{[mickey-thumbnail.jpg]Mickey Mouse}

  \subsection{[donald-thumbnail.jpg]Donald Duck}


so we need to know where the table of child links is
generated and how to change its layout. We would also need
to modify the navigation panel and the title on each
subsection page to remove the marking completely in the html
output. Very specific locations in the l2h source code would
be very useful. Is there an alternate solution? Or is it
easier to postprocess the html output?

Thank you for your help.

For those interested in using latex2html for nontechnical
websites, our url is http://www.djp.ch. Among other things,
we use regular file names like pocahontas.html instead of
node138.html, so that users coming from search engines or
external links hit directly the right page (with standard
l2h, information moves from file to file as new sections are
inserted in the source document).



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