[l2h] label and fleqn

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Tue Mar 4 20:41:12 CET 2003

shige 03/04 2003

I found some strange features of latex2html about \label command
position and fleqn option. 

[1] From the following source:

  This is a test. 1
    \int_0^1\sin x dx
  This is a test. 2
    \int_0^2\sin x dx

latex makes 2 equations with large integral correctly. But by 
latex2html, 1st integral becomes to small.

[2] Using "fleqn" option of documentclass for the above source,
latex2html fails at making the 2nd image. In fact, images.dvi 
have only 1 page (1 image). Moreover, the 1st equation does not
seem to be positioned correctly (over the right boundary).

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