[l2h] Re: includegraphics broken in latex2html-2002-2-1 ?

Bruce Miller bruce.miller at nist.gov
Wed Jun 11 01:06:47 CEST 2003

Herb W. Swan wrote:
> OK, the [angle=-90] optional argument to \includegraphics is an unnecessary
> distraction.  Let's say we take it out.  My test document (test19.tex) then
> becomes:

OK, but w/o the rotation, my system using v 2002-2-1 produces the image just fine.

> ===============================================================================
> Please note that:
> 	1)  Neither dvips nor pstoimg is called.

Indeed. That's strange. 

> 	2)  There is no l2h* directory left behind in /tmp.

as if it thought it had succeeded? 

Inspecting the code between "*** processing # images ***"
and "Generating postscript images using dvips",
there's a $NO_IMAGES flag.  Setting that to 1 produces exactly
the symptoms you're seeing.  So, as the Country Doctor says: "Don't do that!".

Apparently if you use $NO_IMAGES, you're then supposed to generate
the images off-line by re-running l2h using the images_only option
(I've never used it this way)

I suppose it would be helpfull if it printed a reminder instead of silently
skipping; especially to provide a clue if it wasn't done intentionally!

> So it still appears that although latex2html-2002-2-1 does indeed fix the
> absolute path problem, it introduces another more serious bug, which prevents
> it from processing "normal" .ps files.

or it simply got configured oddly, for some reason.

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