[l2h] Relative URLs in png/gif images

Bruce Miller bruce.miller at nist.gov
Thu Jun 5 00:41:44 CEST 2003

Herb W. Swan wrote:
> Thanks, Ross.  That did the trick.  And it was a trick. 

Ross comes up with some pretty amazing stuff, doesn't he!

 I don't think I
> would have come up with it on my own.  I would say that the coding that
> Bruce Miller made possible through his modifications to graphicx.perl are
> more straight-forward and more likely to be stumbled upon by an average
> user.  He claims his modifications should have produced relative URLs.
> It might be worth investigating why they did not in my case.  Could it
> have something to do with the way I configured LaTeX2HTML?  If there's
> anything I can do to help, please let me know.

I downloaded the latest l2h (latex2html-2002-2-1, dated May 23,2003)
and ran your test case.  After futzing with the image -- I think my
mailer didn't quite believe it was a png image, so when I tried to save
it it came out partly corrupt.  And l2h surprized me slightly by loading
graphicxx.perl and complaining about graphicx not implemented...

But anyway, it produced a test.html which contains:   
 ALT="Image l2h">
so it came out relative, in my case.....

Oooooh, I just noticed your example produced: 

Is that, by any chance, /h/... as in H:\... as in (you know what OS)?
If so, it may well be that the pathname arithmetic is falling on its
face.... I was concerned about that when writing it: I didn't want to
introduce any new dependences on some of the (supposedly portable)
File modules (that occasionally don't work right anyway)... and I'm
vaguely recalling there was some operation I needed that wasn't quite
in the L2hos stuff....and having no way to test it.....
That may be where the problem is.

OBTW: I just noticed I was subscribed by an obsolete form of my email
address; I think I've got it sorted now
 ... Sorry you've got to approve me, Ross!! :>

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