[l2h] cropping bars

Christian Mensing mensing@inorg.chem.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 27 11:47:16 CET 2003

Hello all,

since I updated perl to v5.6.1 built for irix-n32,
latex2html-2002-2-1 generates in *some* cases inlined images without
cropping the bottom black bar. I can't revert to perl 1994.
My Ghostscript version is 7.04 (2002-01-31).
I did not succeed trying all the other available latex2html versions.

The proposed solution by Ross Moore
"solutions to cropping problems, with netpbm v9.x"
did not help in this case. However, I did not modify latex2html
to put the cropping bar to the top as suggested since I am not familiar
with perl programming. 

Is there a diff file available to see what I have to change?
Is there a newer solution known?
A solution for black text on white background would be sufficient for

With best regards
Christian Mensing
Christian Mensing
Lab. für Anorg. Chemie   
ETH Hönggerberg HCI H107  mailto:mensing@inorg.chem.ethz.ch
CH 8093 Zürich            tel: +41 (0)1 632 2894, fax: +41 (0)1 632 1149

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