[l2h] pstoimg problem

Guy Gloor guy.gloor at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Feb 10 16:21:44 CET 2003

I am attempting to process some mathematics-heavy documents through
latex2html generating the maths images as transparent PNGs. This works with
the exception of some large maths figures which come out with opaque grey

Close inspecition of these indicates the "bad" PNGs contain a
single-pixel-width white boarder either across the bottom or down the right
side or both. This is the only part which is rendered transparent by
pnmtopng (or ppmtogif), leaving the rest of the figure with the opaque grey
background from dvips.

Since this happens predominantly with the largest math formulae, I suspect
that it is a rounding problem somewhere between the call to pnmcrop and the
call to pnmtopng (or ppmtogif) in the program pstoimg, however I lack
sufficient PERL skills to analyse this section of code.

Can someone help?

G. J. Gloor
Imperial College London

software versions:
latex2html 2002-1 (1.69)
dvipsk 5.86
Netpbm 10.11.4
ghostscript 7.05
linux 2.4.18

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