[l2h] l2h Problem

Benjamin Pharr bnpharr at olemiss.edu
Fri Feb 14 05:25:58 CET 2003

I am fairly new to Latex and very new to latex2html, so I may be missing
something obvious, but...

I have this:

\section*{{\LARGE #1}}

just after my \begin{document} statement in a Latex document. Latex
processes everything fine, but when latex2html to processes the document
it displays the "1]" and "#1" literally instead of processing it like it
does the rest of the Latex commands. It gives me the warning:

? brace missing for \newedcommand

I have attached the complete document I am having trouble with. Any help
is greatly appreciated.

Ben Pharr
bnpharr at olemiss.edu

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