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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Feb 26 10:11:19 CET 2003

Hello Joao,

> Is it possible to define which sections should be generated in different
> HTMLs? Some times I use something like \HTMLcode{H2}{xxx}, when my
> sections are too small. But they do not appear in content table.

This cannot work, as all that \HTMLcode does is to construct and place
raw HTML into the output files.
Thus you get the presentation aspects of the section tags,
but this is not part of the LaTeX document structure, via \section
\subsection, etc.

LaTeX2HTML uses the  -split  and  -link  options to determine
which sectioning levels should produce new pages.
These adjust Perl variables  $MAX_SPLIT_DEPTH  and  $MAX_LINK_DEPTH
to control the splitting and linking.

It is actually possible to alter these within a running job,
using \HTMLset and/or \HTMLsetenv , but that is rather awkward,
and can upset the table-of-contents if you make too many changes,
since there is no way to know what on-the-fly changes to these variables
were made at the time when the T-of-C is being constructed.
Nevertheless, you should get a useful HTML web-site.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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