[l2h] Table Of Contents...

Tanja Wittke tawi at gruft.de
Fri Feb 21 17:15:21 CET 2003


is there a possibility to change the layout of the generated TOC? My TOC 
is hard to read when shown in the TOC frame. I would like to get one of 
the following:


	(dot) first headline
	(dot) second headline
	(dot) [...]
	(dot) last headline

just like the way an html <ul> list looks.

or 2.

	first headline
	(here one line empty)
	second headline
	(one line empty)

this way, the TOC headlines will look more separated. In my opinion the 
default TOC generated by l2h doesn't look very clear...

I didn't find anything about how to change the layout of the TOC. Can I 
do this without scripting perl?

Thank you in advance,


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