[l2h] images in a separate directory

R. Prabhakar prabha at strandgenomics.com
Fri Feb 7 18:37:39 CET 2003


we are generating documents in latex and would like to publish them in pdf
and html. ideal.

i have already converted all the images in .jpg or .png and kept them in
two directories, images/ and icons/ 

in addition the document has some math formula, that would be converted to
.png by latex2html. 

in the generated html, i would like to keep the image source to images/
and icons/ for the images that i have specified. is there anyway to do

the previous version of latex2html 2000-beta1-5 would do this, and there
was no problem. the new version latex2html-2002-2 puts all images in the
one directory creating clutter. 

any suggestions?


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