[l2h] cropping bars --- problem persists :(

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat Feb 1 12:55:42 CET 2003

hello Carlo,

> Our mileage varies, Christian!
> I looked into my l2conf.pm, but it had only the option -E for dvips; so, unfortunately,
> Shihegaru's solution works for Christian but not for me; I am appending some
> debugging output from latex2html; the figure img9.gif has a cropping bar at the bottom;

It is the case that some characters put ink outside their typeset-area,
either above or to the right.
This is particularly the case with florid type-faces, and with accents
used in math-mode.

Since you report problems with just some images and not all,
then this is probably what is happening.
Can you show the LaTeX coding that is used for this  img9.gif ?
You should be able to find it within the  images.tex  file.

LaTeX2HTML allows a small margin to help account for this effect,
but it cannot cater for the extreme cases without upsetting more
usual situations. 
That is, the lower cropping-bar extends approx .5pt to the right
of the true typesetting width, and ~ 1.5pt above.
If ink falls outside the rectangle defined by this, then the 
pnmcrop calls will not find an edge of constant color, so will
not remove the corresponding cropping-bar.

> I'm clueless how to fix this...

Sometimes you just have to "do it by hand" in the LaTeX source.
This can mean adding a small bit of extra space within the image.
At the right, this is easy: just put \, after the mathematics
but within the $.....\,$
                     ^^-----  like this.

For extra vertical size, \strut may help;
e.g.  $ .... \strut$ 
else an invisible \vrule of specified size:
  \vrule height 15pt depth 0pt width 0pt

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> Carlo Beenakker
> Christian Mensing wrote on Fri Jan 31 14:34:36 CET 2003
> >thanks to Shigeharu TAKENO the cropping problem was solved!

That's good to hear.

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