[l2h] alignmentproblem eqnarray - amsmath - test-case

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Dec 31 01:03:11 CET 2003

Hi Peter,

On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Peter Morling wrote:

> Dear Ross,
> here is a testcase of the problems.

Thanks for these.
Now I see what is the problem:
   where to put the extra white-space, of undetermined amount.
(In TeX this is done using \hfill.)

> 1. first with AMSMATH
>  http://www.statmaster.sdu.dk/maskel/docs/eqnarray/withAMSMATH/index.html
> 2. without AMSMATH
> http://www.statmaster.sdu.dk/maskel/docs/eqnarray/withoutAMSMATH/index.html

The reason that these are different when there is no numbering,
is that #2 uses a single image, which is then centered.

  non-AMSMATH creates what I call 'novice'-mode mathematics HTML.
    That is, very little mathematics is expected in the document,
    so whatever there is causes a single large image to be generated,
    whenever this is adequate.

  with AMSMATH it is expected that more mathematics will occur,
    and with greater use of alignments --- 'professional'-mode.
    Here alignments are parsed, and images made of the cells.

  'expert'-mode takes the parsing even further:
     cell contents are parsed, making images only when needed
     to construct something complicated; e.g. fractions, \sqrt{...},
     special symbols, etc.
     This usually results in many more but smaller images, which are
     reused throughout the HTML of the document.
    (It requires command-line switches, or an init-file setting
     to get 'expert'-mode mathematics to be generated.)

Note that expert-mode is a prelude to generating MathML coding
for mathematical expressions. It has long been an aim of mine
to develop a MathML module for use with LaTeX2HTML.

After a bit of experimentation, I can now see how to get the
 'proper' centering. The HTML needs to have:
  <td width=50% .....>
for the left and right cells of the mathematics in the alignment
 <TABLE>.  (The eqn-number cells remain as fixed-width.)

It should be quite easy to adjust the LaTeX2HTML coding to add these
extra width attributes.

You can expect another email soon, telling you the required edits;
It will take a bit longer before the repository is updated at
as I'm planning to submit many more changes than just these.

> Best,
> Peter

Thanks for the examples, which clearly indicate the problem.

Happy New Year,

	Ross Moore

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