[l2h] Re: Latex2Html Bug & Fixing

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 08:55:47 +1000 (EST)

Hello Stephan,

> Hello Ross,
> I'm using latex2html version 2002 1.67 on a window2K platform and no
> images are included. config.bat has problems with
> determining the dvips version. I edited the config/config.pl file and
> changes the paramter '--version' into '-version'.
> After that it worked properly. This is also required for the unix dvips
> version.

So is this a problem again ?
Can you be a bit more specific about your platform, operating system,
TeX installation, and which version of dvips you have.

For me, both --version and -version work under unix, 
with  dvips 5.66a  and  5.86d  and 5.86f 
(with --version producing many lines, rather than just 1 line)

The coding in config.pl clearly indicates that different TeX installations
can behave differently with respect to testing for  dvips :

    # Try to determine the version. Obstacles: output goes to STDOUT or
    # STDERR and can have different formats

    my @tryopts;
    if($newcfg{'plat'} eq 'os2') {
      # --version requires pressing \n on OS/2
      @tryopts = ('','--version','-?','-v');
    } elsif($newcfg{'plat'} eq 'win32') {
      # --version requires pressing \n on MikTeX
      @tryopts = ('','--version','-?','-v');
    } else {
      @tryopts = ('--version','','-?','-v');
    foreach $veropt (@tryopts) {
      my ($stat,$msg,$err) = &get_out_err("$dvips $veropt");
      $msg .= $err || '';
      if(!$stat && $msg =~ /(?:^| )dvips(?:\(k\)|k|)\s*(\d+[.]?\d*[A-Z]?)/is) {
        $version = $1;

Which of the 3 instances of  @tryopts  did you edit ?
(I'd guess the 2nd for win32, but the 3rd for Unix)

Did you try simply appending:
   @tryopts = ('','--version','-?','-v','-version');

or any other order of the tests ?

The order of the test was chosen deliberately (not by me).
I want to make the minimum possible change to config.pl
so as not to affect other systems which currently work properly.

Please send me the output you receive from each of:

 dvips --version
 dvips -?
 dvips -v
 dvips -version

and say whether you needed to type a <return> after any of these,
e.g. when running the  config.pl  script.

If anyone else on this list has had similar difficulties,
please also report what works for you, in a similarly
detailed manner.

All the best,

	Ross Moore