[l2h] Width & Height of GIF images creating problems with IE

Alex W Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes alex.list@cord.co.uk
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 08:59:06 +0100

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> BTW: it wont actually recognize things like \columnwidth
> I was already going out on a limb enough, interpretting points, etc,
>   but what columnwidth would be appropriate for a user's browser?
>   Would you want/expect width="75%" here ?  Is that worth a couple
>   of special cases, Ross ?

I have made a simpler lyx exported text file that I've attached to this mail.  
The include in this case is just:-


> At any rate, in your example, the current code would treat the `requested
> size' as 0x0, so should default to the image's natural size.
> It looks as if it didn't succeed in getting the size.
> Running with --verbosity=2 should print out something like:
>    Reuse somewhere/zones.gif scaled to www x hhh
> and I guess in your case, www and hhh are probably ''

I get the following:-

Reuse /home/alex/temp/giftest/./zones.gif scaled to 754 x 646
embedding ./zones.gif for web image, with Image zones

and imagemagick reports:-

alex@interzone:~/temp/giftest> identify zones.gif
zones.gif GIF 754x646+0+0 PseudoClass 256c 8-bit 96kb 0.0u 0:01

but the generated html still says:-

 ALT="Image zones">


> Must have `found' it, and apparently had permission to read it, but
> apparently it didn't _understand_ it!

must have read it and understood it from the verbose report.

Incidentally, I tried converting the image to a jpeg image and got the same 
result (width & height == "")



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