[l2h] Width & Height of GIF images creating problems with IE

Alex W Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes alex.list@cord.co.uk
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 16:48:13 +0100


apologies if this is a FAQ, but IMG is a very common tag in the archives, 
making it hard to search on.

I have been using latex2html to generate online versions of all my latex 
documents which are prepared by lyx.  The html code that is generated for a 
GIF image looks like so:-

 ALT="Image zones">

This displays perfectly fine on almost all browsers using the default size of 
the image except for IE on windows, which appears to interpret this as 
WIDTH="0" HEIGHT="0" and therefore not display the image.

This is obviously a problem due to the statistically large number of IE on Win 

It is not clear to me as to whether or not this is a problem with:-

- the output of lyx (version 1.2.1)
- latex2html (version 2002-2)
- my GIF images themselves

The two short-term hacks that I am considering are:-

a) disabling the generation of WIDTH="x" HEIGHT="y" entirely and leaving it up 
to the browser.  Any tips as to where in the source tree is the correct place 
to do this would be appreciated.

b) making a sed script that traverses the output and wipes instances of 
'WIDTH=""' and 'HEIGHT=""'.  This is my fallback option and I would prefer to 
avoid it.

many thanks for any help possible.



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