[l2h] Math in section title

Darrell dr6583@aol.com
Sun, 22 Sep 2002 18:23:13 -0500

I quickly browsed the archives and found some related issues addressed, 
but none that I saw were quite like my problem.

I have a simple equation in a section title.  I am using amsmath and L2H 
2002-2 (1.70).  The LaTeX output is perfect, i.e. the equation is 
included everywhere it should be (TOC, section heading, etc.) and scales 

As you know, the main html page produced by LaTeX2HTML (index.html) 
contains a copy of the TOC, even if there is no \tableofcontents command 
in the LaTeX source.  In this TOC "copy" the equation displays fine, but 
the real TOC (i.e. the separate html page accessed from the contents 
navigation button when a \tableofcontents is included) does not contain 
the equation.  The html source for this page is completely missing the 
<img> tag for the equation.  I guess I could copy and paste the tag from 
index.html, but I thought I would ask if anyone knew of a fix since that 
seems like a very inefficient workaround, especially if I wish to 
include math in many more section titles.

There is a separate issue of getting the image to scale correctly in the 
heading of the actual html file for that particular section.  I've tried 
\protect to no avail.  Any suggestions for both or either of these 
issues will be appreciated.