[l2h] Support for a cross-platform HTML document viewer application(and .hhc files)

James Lavery jlavery@bigfoot.com
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:12:20 +0100

As a Perl programmer, but no experience of Latex2HTML, I'm happy to pick
this up (see bottom of message for details).  Can someone point me in the
right direction as to what needs doing?

Sounds to me like a post-processor is the answer.  How do I implement this??


James Lavery

This sounds like it could be done quite easily, using the
information in the  contents.pl  or  sections.pl  files
that LaTeX2HTML produces for a job.
There is similar information in the  labels.pl  file as well,
allowing linking to places internal to the HTML pages,
rather than just to the start of each page or section.

> (c) A five line text file called a .hhp (html help
> project) file that just gives the name of the book,
> and tells which page is the first page to display.
> These 3 parts get zipped up into a single zip file
> which can be then distributed. The viewer application
> just reads the zipped file.

A script could be written that collects the required information
from the .pl files mentioned above. This would enable .hhc and .hhp
files to be created for existing LaTeX2HTML jobs, or it could
be run as a post-processor after new jobs.

> It seems like it wouldn't be more than a half-hour to
> implement, if the capacity isn't there already. My
> Perl skills are not strong, but I am willing to assist
> in any way.

When that post-processor script is fully working, then we can look
at ways to integrate it with the  latex2html  script itself,
if there is any advantage in doing so.

> Any comments?

Sounds like a nice task, that doesn't require any knowledge of
how LaTeX2HTML works, at least for creating a post-processor

Could someone pick this up as a small project ?