[l2h] Converting image: Illegal seek

mdreyer@ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de mdreyer@ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:25:21 -0800


I have problems with latex2htm converting the ps images:

Converting image #1
pstoimg: Error: "/usr/bin/pnmcrop < /tmp/l2h28842/p28855.pnm | /usr/bin/ppmquant
-floyd 256 | /usr/bin/pnmtopng -interlace -trans '#ffffff'  > img1.png" failed:
Illegal seek

Error while converting image: No such file or directory

I have just installed the newest netpbm version but it didn't help anything. My

LaTeX2HTML Version 2K.1beta (1.47)

pnmcrop: Using libpbm from Netpbm Version: Netpbm 10.11
pnmcrop: Compiled Tue Oct 29 15:06:43 PST 2002 by user "markus"

Any ideas? Thanks!